Sunday, September 2, 2012

Videos of Sunday's protest in uptown Charlotte

Charlotte Observer reporter Gary Nielson posted several videos of Sunday's Occupy Wall Street South protest in uptown Charlotte to his Twitter account.

Protesters march past the Duke Energy building in uptown Charlotte:

Protesters sit outside the Duke Energy building in uptown Charlotte:
A large police presence followed the protest as it moved through uptown Charlotte:
Steff York from Minneapolis is in town protesting banks:
But not all of the protesters in Sunday's march were concerned with banks. Bernardo Vasquez from Marietta, Ga., says immigration reform is what brought him to Sunday's protest:
 Elaine Brower from Staten Island said she came to protest war, not the banks:
Charlotte's Kelly Picarsic and her two children came to the protest focused on global warming:
Protesters stop in front of the Duke Energy building to speak about clean energy:
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Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no problem when people want to protest; it is their right. I just have a problem when they start destroying public and private property, try to goad the police officers into arresting them, or resort to violence. Those people need to be arrested. Also find it funny that so many things are being protested. They can't even put on a united front about one subject.

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