Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drowning in Twitter yet? We're here for you

As news of last week’s Republican National Convention tapers off and chatter over this week’s Democratic National Convention begins, a tidal wave of Tweets will likely flood your feed. 

To help sift through the clutter, we’ll compile some of our favorite accounts and hashtags – from the informative to the humorous. Keep checking this @charlotte blog for updates on this front.

With the Twitter action just starting, here’s what we’re liking so far:

(Warning: shameless plug coming.) For hard news on the local level, our @DNC2012clt account has plenty of DNC coverage -- but we won’t drown you in Tweets. It’s all carefully combed through, to give you a full but intelligent report. (You can get great stuff like this photo, from our own Ann Helms prowling DNC gifts sold at the Westin:)

If you’re looking for a national source, follow our news partner @politico.

Straight convention news can be found at the official 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee account @DemConvention.

Interested in the Republican reaction? We suggest the hashtag #WeCanChangeIt – a theme used throughout the RNC -- and #tcot, Top Conservatives on Twitter. The GOP has also emphasized the #WeBuiltIt theme.

Want to hear from the Democrats? @Obama2012 has increased activity as the DNC nears. And @InvisibleObama, a parody account, has gained more than 60,000 followers since it was created in reaction to Clint Eastwood’s speech.

Protest news can be found @wallstsouth and from our very own @DougObserver. #ResistDNC seems to be a commonly used hashtag among the protestors.

Already overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Throughout the week, trends will emerge, accounts will shine, and we will be there to help you follow the news that you want and need. 

See something we don’t? Let us know @DNC2012clt or here on our blog.

-- Kelley Sousa


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