Friday, September 7, 2012

Full time deputies, part time entertainers

Unexpected celebrities emerged this DNC week: The dancing sheriffs from Clayton County, Ga., who grooved to the sound of their own whistle, transforming a boring job into an entertaining spectacle.

Everybody loved it.

We at the Observer had a 40-picture slide show:

A search of "dancing traffic cop DNC" on comes up with a whole menu of videos. You can choose which clip is your favorite, but here's one that got almost 23,000 views.

The cops made plenty of print headlines. Here's an assortment of news outlets that picked the story up.

Charlotte Observer: Traffic jammin' officers a hit uptown "Dancing traffic cops bust a move at DNC in Charlotte"  "Crazy cops turn DNC traffic control into performance art" "Dancing cops at the DNC" "Traffic cop has a little fun at DNC" "Cops do DNC dance" 

And of course, Twitter was all over the dancing cops:


Anonymous said...

Personally found it disrespectful and very unprofessional. This was not a tractor pull. Tell you what, How about I go to Clayton County, get stopped for speeding and while the officer is writing my ticket i get in fromt of the car and dance. This was foolishness.

hipQuest said...

Anon @ 4:56 your surly attitude will surely get you a ticket anywhere.

I found the levity used while doing a usually thankless chore very refreshing. Those Georgia boys are cutie pies!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it, and one couple crossing the street joined him in the dance, it was priceless. I just regret not having my video camera ready to record it.

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