Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl advertisers tackling social networks

Welcome to @Charlotte! Hopefully you'll come back for news and insights about the world of social networking, and life online in general. Here's something interesting -- and timely, given the Big Game's coming up Sunday.

Super Bowl advertisers are taking more and more of their campaigns to social networks, with Pepsi this year bypassing TV advertising during the game and instead launching a $20 million social media campaign.

Facebook and Twitter are already abuzz locally with chatter about Super Bowl ads that will appear during the game. This Doritos ad, "The Slap," was cracking people up:

I'm doing a story about the Super Bowl, social media and advertising. Have your Facebook friends or Twitter followers sent you links to any good Super Bowl ads? Have you participated in any social network chatter about the ads? I'd like to hear about it. E-mail me at with your thoughts!


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