Friday, February 26, 2010

Look out Twitter -- Here comes Bill James!

As prolific as Mecklenburg County commissioner Bill James is with the mass e-mails, you knew it was just a matter of time before he turned to the Twitterverse to spread his many, many, many musings about county politics. (Did I mention there were a lot?).

So this evening the captain of all things conservative sent out an e-mail letting everyone know that that he'd be turning to the Twitter to spread his message of fiscal frugality.

"OK, so I am 53 and I have to admit, 'tweeting' is not something that I considered," he wrote. "The idea of basically providing random thoughts (sort of a stream of consciousness sort of thing) doesn't seem real useful.

"Problem is, in politics it is change or die and everyone is twittering and is twitterpated (and no I am not talking about Bambi and Thumper) with the idea of 'tweeting.'"

And indeed they are. City Council members Warren Cooksey and Andy Dulin are dedicated Twitterers. And my colleague, sage political writer Jim Morrill, recently told me that U.S. Sen Richard Burr's people are saying they'll go as heavy into social networking as traditional advertising to get their message out in the upcoming elections.

So, tweet on, Brother Bill. (He'd only sent two when I checked). If you want to follow him, you can find him at


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