Friday, February 19, 2010

Charlotte Twitterers diss Tiger's apology

A Twitter search here just minutes after Tiger Wood's big televised apology speech shows Charlotte-area folks aren't tweeting much love the beleaguered golfer's way. (And perhaps, in keeping with the snarky tone of most posts, I might note that he's apparently been getting quite enough of that already, thank you).

Check out some of what folks are saying:

"Tiger should end the press conference by walking out to Ludacris' song "Area Codes" (I Got Hoes)."

"Tiger! Tiger! Would you care to address the issue of you just being some golfer and so what?!

"How can someone be so lame"

"This just in: Dalai Lama releases statement "It's in the hole!!"

#Tiger Woods didn't use a TelePrompTer. Possible GOP Response: Tiger 1, Obama 0.

"That Tiger speech was such a waste"

But Tiger did get some support:

"Tiger's speech was strong, sincere, Buddhist. But I pray he finds redemption and atonement, not just self-will and renunciation of desire."

"I thought Tiger's statement was good and appropriate. I think the media needs to report the news and stop making it."

My (carefully worded) thought: Say what you will about Twitter, but it sure does give you real-time, unvarnished, voice-of-the-people feedback!


Anonymous said...

LOL.....can we do a racial make up of those who responded and "Dissed" Tiger?? PLEASE!! I'm sure you will see where I'm going.....LMAO i know for a fact the media won't make that poll available, because they know who are the only ones really wanting to know what happened that night.

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