Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Michael Jackson clone struts his stuff at Bobcats game

If you've ever been to a professional sports event of any type, you know what happens when they crank up a "fan-cam" segment during a break in the action. The cameras rove around the audience, showing people's pictures on the Jumbotron as they dance, kiss or do whatever the prompt of the moment might be. Most people just look goofy. But every once in a while, somebody wows the crowd with some display of raw charm or talent. Like this kid at a Bobcats game, doing the best Michael Jackson routine I've seen in a while. (You've gotta wait until near the end, but he's worth the wait). The guys at CLTblog were wondering who this kid is. So am I after watching him in action. Anybody know who this is??


Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake...I can't watch it as it is a Sony video and it's blocked in my country! :(

MJJHawaii said...

That's awesome, the boy's really got it! The others are fun to watch too. You can definitely see the influence Michael Jackson had on everyone. The music and magic of him lives on...!

Anonymous said...

He was on Ellen Thursday and from Winston Salem but I was unable to catch his name.