Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Microsoft might finally have a mobile hit

My days with my trusty old Blackberry Curve appear to be numbered. It (and an Alltel Curve that preceded the Verizon merger) have served me well the past two years. But two years is an eternity in the wireless phone marketplace, and the old girl just can't keep up with all the shiny new Androids and iPhones (and even Blackberries) sprouting like flowers these days.

I've been testing out two possible replacements this week: the Motorola Droid Pro and the new HTC Windows 7 Surround. The Droid Pro was designed specifically for people like me -- a business user who does a lot of typing and can't imagine life without a physical, thumb-able keypad. But for some reason, I find myself more drawn to the Windows 7 phone. I test-drove one from AT&T. It has a sleek design that feels really nice in your hand and a 3.8-inch screen whose colors and images seem especially sharp and bright. For all the hype in the WP-7 commercials about the faster access it allows to social networks and other goodies (and that's true), I was more struck by the fluidity of the touchscreen interface itself. I found myself flicking menus with my finger just to watch the words slide across the screen (ok, childish. I know). Much as I hate touchscreen typing, I could get used to it on this phone.

Which brings me to my main gripe with the Droid Pro. Maybe I've just got chunky fingers, but the keypad is too cramped for me, and the letters are too hard to press. Held up next to my Curve, the width difference between the two keypads is almost imperceptible. But my fat fingers say there's a difference. I also wish the screen could be a little bigger. All that aside, the Droid Pro seems like a worthy and logical next move for more slim-fingered Blackberry addicts. If Verizon gets both the iPhone and the Blackberry Torch next year, I'll have a tough time deciding which way to go.

Suggestions, anyone?


Anonymous said...

iPhone all the way, they have an APP for everything. Disney - Wait Times, Traveling - Check traffic, Rest Areas, Truck Stop Locator, etc.

iPhone just has a better app store giving one many more options and functionality of their phone. iPhone is simply more then a phone, it's the app store that dominates all others.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from the iPhone. Apple will eventually cripple the phone just like they have previous models with iOS updates. Just look at the effects on iOS3 and iOS4 on the iPhone 3G. They may do this to push the customers to the latest iPhone.

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Ryan said...

I have a Windows 7 Samsung Focus. It's a very nice phone and I'm very impressed with Microsoft's new mobile OS. Integreation with social networking is done very well, the app store is growing quickly, and the phones all perform very well. It's much different than the past versions of Windows mobile.

If you have AT&T and are thinking about Windows 7, go with the Samsung Focus. The phone is sleeker, lighter, and has a bigger/brighter screen.

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