Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Could you give up social networking?

To those who don't do social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the rest of this is going to sound bizarre. But to the hardcore networkers out there, here's an interesting question: Could you go on a social network "fast" and shut down all of your services?

One blogger is doing just that, abstaining from all of the social networking candy for Lent. As Sarah Morgan correctly notes in her blog post announcing her little experiment, it's a bit of an exaggeration to call it a fast (she's still blogging). Nevertheless, she's apparently been at it for weeks.

It's hard to explain to the uninitiated, but that's no small accomplishment. Once your social networks reach critical mass, brimming with all the interesting people and ideas you love, it's like having a personalized, constantly-shifting window on the world. It's digital crack. (If you've ever had your significant other give you the "put that @#$%&* thing down while I'm talking to you" glare, yeah, I'm talking to you) .

Seeing as how it's Easter week and all, maybe this would be a good time to try Sarah's experiment. You know, give yourself more time for silent contemplation, away from all the chatter on the networks.

Too bad I can't try it with you. I use 'em for work.


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