Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's up with Twitter?

Ok, Twitter's getting on my nerves.

Tried to get on it again this morning and got the old Fail Whale for what seems like the third time in as many days, announcing that Twitter is over capacity.

Apparently the problems could continue today, since Twitter's status update site issued the following message this morning: "We're seeing periodic high rates of errors on This is the result of testing and maintenance. We expect our maintenance to end at approximately 7:30" a.m.

When I tried to log on about 9:20, though, I got greeted by the Fail Whale, so apparently the problems aren't going to end when maintenance does. I know the site's been struggling with all the World Cup soccer traffic and its own internal architectural problems, but part of what makes people like Twitter is the ease of communication -- have a thought, blast it out there. Simple.

If it's not going to be that easy, or if these high error rates become a more regular part of the Twitter experience, the site that helped revolutionize digital communications could find itself an afterthought.

Twitter users out there, are you having the same frustrations?


Tina said...

I'm not on as much as I once was, but I agree on the frustration especially when I'm in a hurry and want to say something only to get a big, fat failwhale.

GolfMage said...

I deleted my account. It slows me down.

Eddie Pantschenko said...

everybody I know stopped using it a few months ago. All the smart people out there realize, (that for an individual at least) the service Twitter provides is absolutely pointless. Just like this blog

Jessica said...

I was on vacation for a few weeks and was using Twitter to update people with photos, but had a lot of trouble. Been on the fritz for at least a week. Irritating.

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