Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A peek into our wireless future

I strolled over to the Hilton this morning to peek in on the N.C. Technology Association's semi-annual conference and got there in time to hear a fascinating presentation by Chris Hare, a Raleigh-based executive for Sony Ericsson.

Many of the association's members are IT executives for major telecommunications companies, and sponsors included Time Warner Cable and Cisco. So it was interesting to watch as Hare, a wireless industry heavy hitter who helps brief Congress on the digital sector, frankly acknowledged that he's not sure where the ever-evolving field is headed either.

"Emerging technology -- it's only clear once you've missed it," he said. "You've got to take some gambles. You've got to make some bets."

He said his company did some research and got insights from the people who have the most say about the future: teenagers. Some of the points that emerged:

  • Everyone will be socially networked
  • No one will ever lose touch with anyone
  • There will be no privacy. And no one will care
  • Media content will be very rich and diversified, making viewers more narrow-minded (watch only sports, or music, or film).
Interesting guy (and the cool British accent doesn't hurt). Want to hear more of his thoughts about our digital future? Click below:


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