Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So you think you can spell?

Every year, the Observer hosts a spelling bee for local students.

We thought it would be fun to let adults try some of the words the students might be asked to spell. So, with the help of Steve Sherron from ballantynescoop.com, we’ll be videotaping people spelling away on Thursday, March 4, from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Dilworth Coffee in Ballantyne Village.

Drop by at any point and we’ll put you on camera to test your skills. Some spellers will end up on charlotteobserver.com. I’ll be your genial host and wordmaster, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. An Observer editor will be on hand to talk to you, too.

See ya there!


Anonymous said...

fortunaly for the employees at the Charlotte Observer, They are not allowed to participate

Anonymous said...

What if I live in Public Housing? Am I welcome?????

Anonymous said...

The thing that is never mentioned about these bees is the fact that the kids are given the words AHEAD OF TIME. The words are not randomly taken out of the dictionary until the 4th round of the National Spelling Bee in Washington. Even then there are lists you can buy to get you to the televised finals.
When people ask me how I got to the finals of the Nat'l Bee, I tell them I just studied the word lists. And when I was eliminated from the bee, it was the first time I was given a word I hadn't seen before. So don't think the kids are geniuses, because I certainly wasn't. Just had a good short term memory that earned me a $1000
I think it is kind of dishonest of Scripps to let people think that the kids are given random words.

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