Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Twitter just a "big wet kiss?"

So a friend of mind comes over this morning and says Twitter etiquette is starting to annoy him.

Too much of the service gets cluttered up by "big wet kiss" posts, in his opinion. He pointed in particular to people thanking each other for retweeting them. I had to plead guilty to a different Twitter tradition that he might find annoying. I like to tweet a shoutout to people after I see them at a meeting: ("Great seeing so-and-so at xyw today...") I know why I'm doing it -- to build relationships (Who doesn't like a public shoutout?) and because I like seeing such messages myself. Helps me feel in the loop to know who's hanging out together. Still, I always wonder if somebody out there's going, "ok...and I why would I care to know how your stupid meeting went?"

What do you think? Should all the "thank you's" and "good to see ya's" be banished to direct messages only? Or are they a necessary part of Twitter's community-building ecology?


Genevieve said...

I'm with you on the "it's all about building relationships" on Twitter. It's perfectly ok (in my mind) to say "Great seeing you" or "nice to meet you" publicly because it gives your followers a chance to maybe meet someone new.

Not quite sure if there can or should be a Twitter "etiquette" - it's more of a "to each his own" arena.

People will and should know what they need to send via DM as opposed to a public tweet.

jd said...

I see their point...I hardly ever thank someone for a RT...

Anonymous said...

Community building ecology?

Seriously, get over it. Twitter is nothing but a web 2.0 version of the popular 1980s internet chat program, IRC.

But of course the people who are using twitter now, did not use the internet back then, so they have no idea that twitter is anything but new and amazing.

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