Monday, August 16, 2010

Social Fresh 2010 conference kicks off

Update 12:02 p.m. Ok, this is just funny. The guys on a Social Fresh panel on using Web videos for marketing just showed a snippet of this spoof of Jay-Z and Alicia Key's "New York" anthem.

Update: A theme I'm already seeing here at Social Fresh this year: the tension for companies between pushing the envelope on social media (which is tempting for creative types, given the wide open, there's-no-roadmap quality of Web 2.0) and being more conservative and protecting their brand in an unpredictable public space. Jason Keath says he wants companies to press forward and not be afraid. Bert Dumars of Newell Rubbermaid, in a presentation just minutes later, says yes that's true, but, essentially, don't get too wild and crazy in the process. He gave an example of Einstein Bros. bagel shops, which he says did a bagel giveaway to folks who joined its Facebook fan page. They grew by 300,000 fans in a week, but many of the people on the site today are just folks demanding more free bagels or complaining that they didn't get their free bagel. "My biggest advice when you're starting out is don't go too fast," he said. "Growing fast does not equal growing well."

Social Fresh, Charlotte's home-grown and increasingly national social networking educational conference, is getting under way at the Hilton in University City. Looks like a big crowd, at least 300 people in the ballroom for founder Jason Keath's opening remarks. "We really want to improve the social media community," he tells the crowd. "I want companies to take more chances...and to take more chances, you really have to have confidence in what you're doing."

Lots of interesting panels, particularly geared for helping companies find their way through the social media maze. But with social media increasingly becoming the e-mail of tomorrow, everybody needs to understand the nuances. Keep checking back in this space throughout the day for updates and tidbits from the conference.


Anonymous said...

As long as these idiots remind businesses to make sure they keep their regular internet sites. Not all of us are on Facebook and do not believe in social networking. We actually don't live in front of a computer. Restricting your business to social networking reflects a teenage mentaility. Hopefully Facebook and Myspace will fade away just like every other fad.

Anonymous said...

"Restricting your business to social networking reflects a teenage mentaility."

But isn't that part of the point? New business models don't come from old heads. Remember when websites were seen as juvenille? Now look at how much commerce is conducted with firms that have never had a "brick and mortar" retail presence. Ignore this mode of business at your own peril.

A.J. said...

@ Anonymous 11:36am: "We actually don't live in front of a computer" but yet you want these companies to maintain their web sites?

P.S. Regardless of what you feel about Facebook, it is no "fad". Check back with me in 10 years to prove my point.

Anonymous said...

That's just your damn opinion. Everyone is entitled to it. Facebook has caused lots of serious problems for people. Don't worry, there's more to come!

Anonymous said...

"Ignore this mode of business at your own peril". Say what you will, but that's just utter horsecrap. Not every successful business gets all their business from facebook. There are more people than you think that won't have a damn thing to do with Facebook. Thanks, but no thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time trying to convince these fanatics that there are problems with their beloved facebook and that many people have been hurt and ruined because of it. I have to agree, it is a teenage like mentality when you are foolish enough to believe that everyone believes in and supports facebook. Are the internet, non-reality dwellers really this blind? NOT EVERYBODY IS ON FACEBOOK AND WANT NO PART OF IT. Good God, don't you people get it?

Anonymous said...

"We actually don't live in front of a computer" but yet you want these companies to maintain their web sites?

Yes, you fool. That is my point. We don't have to live in front of a computer like pathetic Facebook addicts. It is possible, you know, to just go on your computer and go to a website without having to get on facebook and play like a child all day. Children, teens, and apparently adults that can't accept being adults. Get out and live are wasting your life away!

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